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Quest Hunters are escape room games for children of various ages. The games are designed to be played in any room in the house by groups of 2-6 children at a time. It takes 45 minutes to play a game plus a little extra time for preparation. With the exception of a few common household items – for example, paper and ball-point pens – the boxes contain all the necessary things.

An escape room game is a game in which players work together to solve some tasks in order to find the right number combination on a padlock.  The tasks feature a kind of jigsaw puzzle, easy calculations, measuring, the use of mirrored numbers, mazes etc. The tasks challenge the ability of the players to work together, combine things and strengthens both creative and logical thinking.

The difficulty of the tasks in a Quest Hunters game is devised to match the ability of the specified age group. Each game is based on a theme – for example, a space voyage – and introduced by a short story.  One option is for an adult (the Game Master) to read the story aloud from the game’s manual. Alternatively, the players can watch a video on questhunters.eu (available in 2021). Using sound and images, the video tells the players a story that explains the mission and sets the scene. It also starts and controls the 45-minute countdown.  But children can easily play this game even without access to digital media.



The games are a perfect entertainment option – for example, at a birthday party – when children are together in a holiday cottage or for Christmas, instead of a classic treasure hunt or ordinary board game. The games can also be used in schools and institutions for the purpose of teaching children problem-solving and collaboration skills.

There are currently two Quest Hunters games – one for the 8+ age group (Mr. Matrix) and one for 10+ (Dr. Moon):